De Jure

De Jure is a Latin phrase which literally means “of law,” and has been used since the 1600s to mean “legitimate or legal,” especially by those in the legal profession.

When I first saw my mother’s handwritten name, I thought she was calling herself “De June.”  After reading many of her notes, it appeared that she was actually writing “De Jure.”  My first thought regarding De Jure was that this was an incorrect spelling of “Du Jour” – French for “of the day.”  I finally looked up De Jure and realized she had the correct spelling for the name she wished to be called.
DSC02404Among other jobs and careers, my mother believed she was an attorney and a judge.  She spent many years studying law school books and legal reference books.  Because of this she actually knew some Latin legal terminology and used these terms in some of her writings. Therefore, my mother wished it to be known that she was Of the Law and Legally “De Jure J.D. Bancroft.”