Questions and Quotes

An ongoing compilation of compelling questions and quotations
as written by De Jure J.D. Bancroft

These are the joys of future hopes.

Elegance is an attitude?

Words matter.

No electronic environment!

Rights people – learn to think!

Humans are around 75% water, what happens in our bathtubs?

Why regrets and sorrows?

What’s a digital camera?

Why computerized?

What’s unavoidable trifles?

Mankind enslaved by machines?  Why be a slave?!

Who is controlling my life?

What can I do to set things right?

Rocks testify to ages past.

You are what you read.

Find something to feel grateful for.

What’s email?

There’s always something new to learn, mistakes to be made, problems to solve, victories and achievements.

Who is responsible for our own reality?

Who’s Merrill Lynch?

Absent minded window watching – TV!

What’s social security?

Why Robots…are they alive People?!

Why hostile takeovers?

People should be paid on the basis of their worth as human beings.

Womankind has as much rights as men to positions of influence.

The ocean of knowledge is safe for people to swim.

Why are there dangerous fish and animals?

All Arts connect with Nature.

Spend money on what?!

What is the purchasing power of the US service sector?

What’s SUV?

How time goes by – standard & daylight time.

What’s Amazons?

Is the fabric of America cloth?

Shouldn’t all rooms be for living?

Do we travel back in time every day?

Mariners found a compass in the sky.

What do I need to do and know today?

Celebrate the past, nurture the future, delight in the moment.

Omnipotence-able, omnipresence-present, omniscience-knowledge, oomph!


1 Response to Questions and Quotes

  1. Laurie Thompson says:

    When she asks “Why are there dangerous fish and animals?” it brings to mind my own existential ponderings about the purpose of danger and evil on earth. What purpose do they serve? Why violence and killing and predators…. Perhaps “dangerous fish” was a metaphor for this un-answerable question….


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