Instructions about the Dangerous Fish

De Jure J.D. Bancroft left behind a cryptic note:
“Survivors -Write a picture book about why there are dangerous fish…”

Actually she left behind pile of cryptic notes as well as some poignant and whimsical quotes and questions; however I want to explain a little about the title of this site and the web address –

One of the last things my mother spoke of was the problem of the Dangerous Fish.  She wanted everyone to be aware of these dangerous creatures that are here – living amongst us.  They have abilities and senses that are far greater than those of people.

Many of her writings refer to the “dangerous fish and sea creatures problem.”  For example, “why are sea horses in trees?”  And, “what are the squids problems?”

She created several collages illustrating the dangerous fish problem and asked that we put up these as posters, as well as reporting the situation to the proper authorities.

cropped-dsc02262.jpgWhat are these Dangerous Fish my mother observed?  Why are they here?  What are their powers and abilities?  What might happen if you encounter a Dangerous Fish?

My mother wonders, “Are people in danger?! And what do they eat?”

Comments are welcome – what are your ideas about the Dangerous Fish problem?


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1 Response to Instructions about the Dangerous Fish

  1. When I was young I swam in the ocean and water-skied Florida creeks with alligators in them. These days I only get my feet wet. Sometimes I go out on my brother’s sailboat, but don’t feel comfortable without a beer in my hand. What sort of knuckle-head God would create sharks?


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